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The Gemstone Sandstone Series

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Sandstone Commercial White Sandstone Pearl Sandstone Silver Pearl Sandstone Pearl Sandstone Blue Diamond
Sandstone Tiger's Eye Lagoon Sandstone Desert Coral Sandstone Black Hills Sandstone Obsidian  

About the Gemstone Sandstone Series

All Gemstone and Designer colors are also available in the exclusive Sandstone Series of high quality swimming pool and spa finishes. These surfaces are specifically blended using a smaller and smoother pebble size, compared to the Gemstone and Designer Series, for the specific purpose of creating a flatter texture and feel.

The Sandstone Series features all of the same quality Gemstone composition and aesthetic appeal found in our wide range of finish options. The Sandstone Series is a true innovation in pool finishes found only in the Gemstone product line.

Actual Aggregate size, color, and texture can vary from sample to finished pool. Due to constant changing variables such as the angle of the sun, sky and water clarity, pool depth and surrounding reflections of hardscape and landscape, expect your pool water color to change throughout the day. No two pools will reflect the same. Exact pool water color reflection is a commodity that cannot be guaranteed.

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