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Gemstone Sparkle Quartz White Gemstone Sparkle Quartz Light Grey Gemstone Sparkle Quartz Glacier Gemstone Sparkle Quartz Tahoe Gemstone Sparkle Quartz Pacific
Gemstone Sparkle Quartz Midnight Gemstone Sparkle Quartz Dark Grey Gemstone Sparkle Quartz Black Gemstone Sparkle Quartz Cayman Gemstone Sparkle Quartz Mint
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About the Gemstone Sparkle Quartz Series

Through our many years of experience and knowledge of swimming pool finishes and products, we have discovered the solution to durable pool plaster in our Gemstone Sparkle Quartz Finish.

One hundred percent natural quartz pool finish utilizes one of nature’s hardest aggregates. The aggregates in Gemstone Sparkle Quartz Finish have no reaction to aggressive pool water environments that typically cause etching and discoloration in standard swimming pool plaster. It is further enhanced with our own proprietary Gemstone Super Matrix, polymer and pozzuolanic admixtures which fortify our cements. Our specially formulated Inorganic Pigment System provides a beautiful line-up of lasting color options.

The above represents a sampling of the Sparkle Quartz Series by GEMSTONETM and approximate water color. Fluctuations of finish color may occur due to hydration issues from the curing of Sparkle Quartz finishes. This should not be construed as a deficiency. Do not expect consistent coloration throughout the surface. Actual color may vary from sample to finished pool. Due to constantly changing variables such as the angle of the sun, sky conditions and water clarity, pool depth and surrounding reflections of hardscape and landscape, expect the color of your pool water to change throughout the day. No two pools will reflect light in the same way. Exact pool water reflection cannot be guaranteed.

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